Géraldine Lepicier, driftwood designer

Find the works of Géraldine Lepicier at Fleur de Loire.

In Fleur de Loire  you will have the chance to discover a multitude of unique works. These are created by artists who are generally from the region. 

Let's focus today on Géraldine Lepicier, creator of driftwood decorative objects.
You can find her work as decoration along the corridors and as a pocket for the rooms of Fleur de Loire.

Self-taught, the artist creates since 2019 unique and diversified works. The hazards of life have allowed him to discover driftwood. While wandering along the banks of the Loire, she discovered "natural treasures" which, once worked, reveal surprising nuances, shapes and colours.
Géraldine gives wood a second life, the transformation is full of surprises, giving a unique and singular result. Wood is a material that is both environmentally friendly and allows the creation of timeless objects and furniture.
All her pieces are unique, entirely handmade to make authentic and original interior decoration objects. 

These works bring warmth and character while respecting the identity of Fleur de Loire  which draws its inspiration from the banks of the Loire.

To discover Géraldine Lepicier's work, visit her on instagram and facebook


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