Gault et Millau scores for the Christophe Hay restaurant 

4 toques and 18.5 at Gault et Millau for Restaurant Christophe Hay! 

The Gault et Millau guide is a reference in the field of gastronomy, noting and highlighting the nuggets of the French gastronomic heritage. 

New talents and new gastronomic trends are the experts' targets. 

Each year, a guide is produced referencing the best tables. 

For this year 2023, Restaurant Christophe Hay has been awarded a mark of 18.5/20,  4 toques.

An appreciation that highlights the beauty of the place through its architecture, its magnificent view of the Loire and its prestige. In the eyes of the guide, Fleur de Loire is a reminder of the beauty of the Loire Valley and that a diversion to our beautiful region is essential. 

 "Then the chef is in the kitchen: the piano is splendid, open at the back of the room, the chefs de parti are calm, the clerks motivated, everyone is young and beautiful, with impeccable dress, it is a pleasure. 
Gault & Millau.

The serenity that rests in the kitchens seduces and offers a lull to the customers who visit. The choice of local and exceptional products reflects the identity of the chef and his cuisine today.

This beautiful showcase adds a new pride to Chef Christophe Hay and his teams who work daily to offer the most beautiful moments to their guests.

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