Hotel Spa Loire Loire Valley, Sisley Spa Fleur de Loire

Garden in Blois, at the hotel Fleur de Loire

Located 200m from the Maison Gastronomique Fleur de Loire in Blois, as an extension of the royal river, Christophe Hay's vegetable garden covers 1.5 hectares.

It is here that the chef-farmer has planted his inspiration and his love of his region: fruit and vegetables from the Val de Blois, endemic varieties and the rehabilitation of local species such as the purple celery and the sucrin melon of Tours.

In partnership with the Conservatoire des graines anciennes, chef Christophe Hay is also developing a unique asparagus garden with 50 varieties, an apple conservatory based on historical species and a citrus greenhouse, notably with local varieties from Angers. 

A real green lung for the Relais & Châteaux Fleur de Loire in Blois, this permaculture garden is constantly evolving, with the regular addition of local and old varieties as well as rare or more distant species.

Rediscovering forgotten flavours, resurrecting agricultural know-how and participating in the market garden history of a region, Christophe Hay's vegetable garden is the essential chapter of a dynamic territory that relies on its past to write the future with common sense.

As guardian, ambassador and actor of his land, with his garden facing the Loire, Chef Hay says nothing other than the importance of life, its preservation and perpetuation.

Fleur de Loire Room, Luxe Hotel Loire Valley, in Blois

« We work a lot on local and old varieties. The dynamic is to have a base to exploit, and every year to look for new vegetables and new flavours. There is a very interesting discovery and research part »
Alain Gaillard, Gardener Chef. 

Hotel Spa Loire Loire Valley, Sisley Spa Fleur de Loire

Oca of Peru, earth pear, wasabina mustard, may berries, Japanese pepper :  the Fleur de Loire garden in Blois invites diversity into a house of gastronomy in tune with the vibrations of the earth.

The asparagus field

Hotel Spa Loire Loire Valley, Sisley Spa Fleur de Loire

With its fifty or so varieties, including the green asparagus of Chambord or the white asparagus of Sologne, recognisable by its slight hazelnut taste, as well as Vitalim, Voltaire, Lorella, Grolim, Argenteuil and Rosalie, the Fleur de Loire asparagus field plantation is part of a unique collection.

With a diversity of flavours in the plants, a calibration of harvests during the season, and the perpetuation of rare species and local seeds, the asparagus garden is a laboratory for living things. Through the land, in the service of taste. 

« We are committed to growing a collection of asparagus, both local and from elsewhere, in a way that respects »
Alain Gaillard, gardener chef

 Garden visits in Blois

The Fleur de Loire garden opens the doors to its universe during a guided tour with commentary by the head gardener Alain Gaillard and his teams.

Discover a world of meaning and authenticity, paved with hundreds of varieties, some of which have been saved from oblivion.

Reconnecting with the nature of the Loire, an essential educational discovery, an extraordinary aromatic palette, the visits are a gateway to the source of inspiration of chef Christophe Hay

Visit on request or visit for an event, contact us to organise your discovery of the Fleur de Loire garden in Blois:

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