Amour Blanc Restaurant in Blois, Restaurant and Pastry Kiosk
Amour Blanc Restaurant in Blois, Restaurant and Pastry Kiosk
Amour Blanc Restaurant in Blois, Restaurant and Pastry Kiosk

« Amour Blanc » Restaurant in Blois,
sharing and conviviality

Childhood memories and creations in all flavours

Amour Blanc Restaurant in Blois, Restaurant et Pastry Kiosk
Amour Blanc Restaurant in Blois, Restaurant and Pastry Kiosk

Named as an ode of the eponymous carp, Amour Blanc restaurant is a place with multiple expressions imagined by chef Christophe Hay. Combining gastronomy, sharing and conviviality, Amour Blanc is a place open to all, a prelude to the Fleur de Loire experience.

On the restaurant Amour Blanc menu’s, the chef offers French gastronomic classics made from seasonal products selected from the best producers. Sharing is at the heart of a varied gastronomic offer that will delight the taste buds of as many people as possible and be adapted to every occasion. 

It is also a tribute to wood-fired cooking which brings out all the flavours of fish and meat. Here, matured beef, of the Percheron and Wagyu varieties, is showcashed in a maturing cellar that everyone can enjoy in the dining room, then served on sophisticated plates that make the best of the vegetables and condiments.

Fresh mature or ripened local cheeses, Touraine geline, red mullet barbet, Cancale shellfish, Loire mulet, Sologne caviar, foie gras, fried roach, meandering skewers, but also hummus or Sologne lamb pita : all these products are honoured on the Amour Blanc restaurant menu.

Fleur de Loire Restaurant, Luxe Hotel Loire Valley, in Blois

Amour Blanc takes place in a woody, bright and warmatmosphere where large bay windows offer a plunging view of the Loire.

It takes gourmets into a living picture, where the sandbanks merge with the movements of the longest river in France, while in the background, the majestic castle of Blois rises up and promises a journey back in time.

The fifty-seat Amour Blanc restaurant is designed according to the codes of haute gastronomy, including a country spirit that is reflected in the presence of raw wood and a large central table that evokes farm workbenches.

The choice of lighting is also central and refers to the codes of the Art Deco movement. A mixture of styles that gives pride of place to the outdoors and to the nature that permeates the place.

The restaurant's outdoor terrace, which seats around thirty, offers a panoramic view that everyone will remember.

At the Canopée which borders the quays of the Loire, the sound of the river in the background presages a moment of calm detached from time and space.

Opening hours

Open 7 days a week from 12:00 to 14:30 and from 19:00 to 22:00 - +33 (0)

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Fleur de Loire in Blois Hotel Spa Restaurant Christophe Hay

The Pastry Kiosk

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:30
Access from Quai Villebois Mareuil

More than just a restaurant, Amour Blanc is divided into different areas, all of which promise to its visitors, whether they are passing through or staying at Fleur de Loire.

The first doorway into Fleur de Loire, Amour Blanc is an unmissable passage for every visitor.

On the ground floor, the central pastry kiosk, around which everyone wanders, treats the sweet tooths installed in the nearby lounge for snack time. Wine lovers have the opportunity to enjoy the open wine cellar that separates the food court from the pastry kiosk. 

It is also here that workshops and meetings with producers, artists and craftsmen who gravitate towards the world of the chef and Fleur de Loire are offered. In order to extend the Christophe Hay gastronomic experience at home, the grocery of Amour Blanc allows everyone to stock up on products imagined and created by the chef and his teams (vinegars, jellies, garden honey, etc.).

By allowing the meeting and symbiosis of noble and raw materials, Amour Blanc is conceived as an extension of the main building of Fleur de Loire, whose modern architecture, characterised by its large windows, allows the contemporary to rub shoulders with a more classical architecture.

Marble, natural oak, stained wood, brushed brass, painted cork with gold leaf on the rough edges : Amour Blanc faithfully reproduces nature and the Loire in all its splendour.

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Amour Blanc Restaurant in Blois, Restaurant and Pastry Kiosk