Posted on: Friday, November 5, 2021

Ambassador Chef of Goût de / Good France and the Centre-Val de Loire Region, Christophe Hay flies abroad and takes with him all the heritage, cultural and culinary wealth of the region to the four corners of the world. 

The 6th edition of the annual event Goût de / Good France* was held from October 14 to 22. During this period, French gastronomy and particularly the Centre-Val de Loire gastronomy were honored.

It is as an ambassador of our regional gastronomy but also of this edition of Goût de / Good France that the chef Christophe Hay flew to Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and will end his trip in Luxembourg on December 15th.

From Embassy to Embassy, Christophe Hay met, shared and exchanged with other French and foreign chefs and promoted a more responsible and sustainable gastronomy.

The masterclasses he led in schools, the meetings, or the cocktail and dinner menus elaborated and prepared for the occasion, allowed the chef to promote the know-how of all the actors of this global approach: the producers, the cooks, the professionals and all the people who value the patrimonial wealth of the Centre-Val de Loire region and more globally of France.