Event Reception and Seminar Loire, Fleur de Loire in Blois

Wedding and Reception hall in Blois

Wedding in Blois

A handcrafted place

Designed as an elegant family home, Fleur de Loire is an exceptional venue for weddings in Blois. Between a historic building, an enchanting setting and a bucolic garden, the estate of chef Christophe Hay offers a handcrafted setting for weddings and nuptial celebrations.

With the Loire River as a witness to the most beautiful day of your life and nature and serenity as the guests of honour, weddings at Fleur de Loire combine the excellence of the French art of living with the exclusivity of a made-to-measure service

A starred gastronomy

Led by chef Christophe Hay, Fleur de Loire's gastronomy adds flavour to weddings in Blois.

Inspired by the nuggets of the land, driven by the talent of a chef ambassador, the culinary score takes the weddings into a new dimension of pleasure

Fleur de Loire Room, Luxe Hotel Loire Valley, in Blois

Haute couture services

In the establishment of a starred chef guided by the quest for excellence, the quality of the welcome is a postulate. By organising your wedding at Fleur de Loire, you invite your guests into a refined and poetic setting where tailor-made service is the rule.

Cocoon rooms inspired by the nature of the Loire Valley, a Sisley spa for privileged moments, a pastry kiosk for gourmet moments and a huge vegetable garden to visit to recharge your batteries, here hospitality is a major art.

Private reception in Blois

Birthdays, family celebrations, anniversaries or christenings: Fleur de Loire is the stage for your private receptions in Blois.

Tailor-made and hospitable, nature and gastronomy, Chef Christophe Hay's gastronomy house combines the art of living to the utmost perfection. 

Each private reception project in Blois is a new chapter that we are eager to write with you. The Fleur de Loire teams will accompany you step by step in the creation of an event that reflects you.

In the Loire Valley, dreams are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. What is yours? 

Hotel Spa Loire Loire Valley, Sisley Spa Fleur de Loire

Fleur de Loire's core assets

Fleur de Loire in Blois Hotel Spa Restaurant Christophe Hay
  • 44 rooms and suites
  • 2 private restaurants
  • 1 private bar
  • 1 reception room and 1 fireplace room available for private use
  • Private courtyard and terrace 
  • 1 unique vegetable garden of 1.5 hectares
  • 1 Sisley spa
  • 1 pastry kiosk and tea room

Information and contact

Contact us now for the organisation of your weddings and private receptions in Blois:
+33 2 46 68 01 20