L'Îlot d’amande, the Fleur de Loire's galette 

Discover the 2023 Fleur de Loire's galette de rois: The almond island

Maxime Maniez, Pastry Chef at Fleur de loire   designed this first galette with his teams. It was designed in the shape of a drop of water. The aim was to recall the Loire River which flows in front of the establishment. 

The Îlot d'amande galette is made of a delicious inverted puff pastry generously filled with frangipane: an essential seasonal gourmet pastry.

For lovers of tradition, you can enjoy a double layer of frangipane. One, classic with almond, and the second with a praline of roasted and caramelised hazelnuts. An almond syrup completes the taste of the dessert.
- 4 people - 25€ 

- 6 people - 36€.

To have the chance to get an original bean in the colours of Fleur de Loire, order your galette des rois directly on our website or on the spot at the Fleur de Loire Pastry Kiosk. 

Choose your date of reception and collect your cake at the kiosk on the desired day.

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