Fleur de Loire celebrates taste!

On the occasion of the Week of Taste, Fleur de Loire welcomed a class of CM1-CM2 from the Quinière school on 11th October. 

Dedicated to taste, to the transmission and to the sharing, this week is intended to highlight gastronomy. Since education in taste begins at a very young age, activities are offered to children throughout France to educate their taste and senses.  


On the occasion of its 33rd edition, the CM1 and CM2 of the Quinière school in Blois came to meet Chef Christophe Hay at Fleur de Loire. 

This exchange between the chef and  taste apprentices specialists allowed the children to discover the production of vegetables thanks to a visit to the vegetable garden, but also to raise their raise awareness of "eat well".

With various games, the children were able to learn about different vegetables in the garden. 

This was a good way to discover new types of vegetables, some of which are less well known, others of older varieties and finally some that are emblematic of our region.


After, in the presence of the Chef, the pastry Chef Maxime Maniez and the Executive Chef Baptiste Ingouf, the children also tasted various appetizers prepared by them. 

A moment of learning about textures.  


The group of children and their teachers left with full of vegetables that they themselves had harvest from the garden, smiles and joy on their faces. 

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