A unique 4-hands at Restaurant Christophe Hay

Chef Christophe Hay** will welcome Chef Guillaume Galliot*** in his kitchen

Four-handed dinners bring together two restaurants in the same kitchen to conceptualise a menu together. These culinary mixes are an opportunity to discover a different cuisine, with divergent but generally complementary approaches and worlds. 

On Thursday 2 and Friday 3 February 2023, you will have the chance to taste a meal composed by two great chefs. Chef Christophe Hay  will welcome three-starred chef Guillaume Galliot  from the Caprice restaurant, Four Seasons in Hong Kong. 

With experience in many foreign countries, he builds his dishes with the help of the richness of different cultures. At Caprice, he sublimates traditions of the French gastronomy. He has become the undisputed narrator of a transcontinental cuisine. 

Guillaume Galliot shares his beautiful values in his dishes. He sublimates the local resources and products that make good cooking possible. His customers taste a heritage, a history, a terroir and not only a dish. 

Guillaume Galliot will share the cuisine of chef Christophe Hay for unique dishes, strong in values and flavours. A mix of Loire and Asian cuisine. During 3 courses, the two great chefs will produce exceptional dishes for the customers of the Christophe Hay restaurant. 

Book your 4-hands menu on Thursday 2 February 2023 for dinner or lunch.
You can also book for Friday 3 February 2023 for dinner.

Single menu
Price : 210 € and 305€ with food and wine pairing

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